Cheltenham Park racecourse is situated in Cheltenham Australia, which is a suburb of Adeliade. Unfortunately it was sold for housing development and the last race was run there in 2009.

Key Characteristics

Cheltenham Racecourse is a quite a tight course with a circumference of 2052 Metres and a straight of 325 Metres but more importantly some very tight turns. Therefore it tends to suit the small nimble horse, rather than the big long striding one. As such it can also suit front runners.

  Course Map




Barrier analysis

1000 Metres
This starts on a chute and there is over 700 metres to the bend. Therefore their is plenty of time for the horses to sort themselves out and barrier position is not that important, with inside only slightly favoured in large fields.

1250 Metres
With this distance they run round two tight bends, with the first bend after only 100 metres. As a result inside barriers are massively favoured.

1350 Metres
Similar to the 1250 races, there is only 200 metres to the first bend so inside is massively favoured.

1450 & 1500 Metres
These both start on a bit of a chute, but it is still quite an advantage to be in an inside barrier.

1850 Metres
This starts in a chute of the main course with 350 metres to the first bend and therefore Inside barriers have only a marginal advantage.

2250 & 2400 Metres
Despite the long distance of these races, the tight configuration of the course and the fact that both of these starts have bends soon after means that having an inside barrier is a big advantage.