Cartmel racecourse is unique in that it is the only racecourse in the country that doesn't have a grandstand. They currently only race at Cartmel on 7 days a year but it is a very unique and intimate course that is not to be missed.
Cartmel Racecourse

Key Characteristics

Cartmel racecourse is the Jump racing equivalent of Chester on the flat. It is little over a mile all the way round, and to say it is tight would be an understatement, as horses are permanently on the turn. The distance from the last bend to the winning post is just a little over a furlong, however the run from the last fence to the finish of half a mile is the longest in the country.

As you would expect Cartmel suits small nippy horses, and also helps front running horses. It is most definitely a course specialist racecourse.

Course Summary

Very tight left handed and undulating track with a stiff finish.

Difficulty of Fences


Similar Courses, where form should be replicated

There is nowhere like Cartmel!

Course map

Cartmel Racecourse Map