Chelmsford Pace Bias Statistics

The graphs below indicate what percentage of horses with a particular running style won, over each particular distance.

The three different styles are horses that led, horses which were mid pack, and horses held up at the back.

The Pace Indicator (PI) is a quick representation of the analysis, and indicates the style of running which is most favourable over each particular distance. A PI of 2 would indicate that all winners led. A PI score of 0 would mean that all winners were held up. Obviously the actual figure is always somewhere in between depending on the pace bias which exists.

Distance Analysis PI
5 Furlongs Chelmsford Pace 1.6
6 Furlongs 1.45
1 Mile 1.34
1 Mile 2 Furlongs 1.42
1 Mile 5 Furlongs 0.89

It is quite early days for Chelmsford racecourse, however initial analysis indicates a massive pace bias favouring front runners. Over 5 furlongs the bias is the largest in the country for both turf and all weather courses, and over the over distances up to a mile there is also a massive bias favouring front runners.

Interestingly over the marathon distances this bias does not exist.