Wolverhampton Pace Bias Statistics

The graphs below indicate what percentage of horses with a particular running style won, over each particular distance.

The three different styles are horses that led, horses which were mid pack, and horses held up at the back.

The Pace Indicator (PI) is a quick representation of the analysis, and indicates the style of running which is most favourable over each particular distance. A PI of 2 would indicate that all winners led. A PI score of 0 would mean that all winners were held up. Obviously the actual figure is always somewhere in between depending on the pace bias which exists.

5 Furlongs
Wolverhampton Pace 1.45
6 Furlongs
7 Furlongs
1 Mile
9 Furlongs
12 Furlongs
13 Furlongs

The analysis at Wolverhampton is for races since the new Tapeta surface has been put down, and there is quite a large bias favouring hold up horses. The analysis results over a mile are particularly interesting as it seems almost impossible to make all over a mile at Wolverhampton.

In terms of the individual distances, if we look at were Wolverhampton ranks against other all weather courses which have races over equivalent distances. Wolverhampton is ranked bottom for Front Runners for every distance

5 Furlongs 4th out of 5 courses
6 Furlongs - 5th out of 5 courses
7 Furlongs 4th out of 4 courses
8 Furlongs - 5th out of 5 courses

In terms of in running betting Wolverhampton has had 44 In-Play losers at 1.01 from 3684 cases (ranked 25th of 39 UK Flat) and 285 In-Play losers at 1.10 or less from 4075 cases (ranked 17th of 39 UK Flat):