A Guide to Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horseracing

Virtual racing is computer generated horseracing that you can bet on. Probably the best site for virtual horse racing is BET365.

Obviously nothing can ever replace the real thing, but when you want a quick fix of horseracing then virtual racing is the next best thing to the real thing.

Virtual Horse Racing

The screen prints shown on this page donít really do the virtual racing justice, as when you actually play it, it appears very real.

So how do you win at Virtual Horseracing? The way it works is like a lottery in that the winner will be chosen by a computer, however this choice isnít completely random as it does take account of the odds of the horse. Therefore the favourite will win more often than an outsider. Obviously there is no form to study and is best to treat virtual horse racing as a bit of fun to while away the hours.

Virtual Horse Racing
To access virtual horseracing on Bet365 click the link below and go to the arcade section, you will see virtual horseracing as an option on the 1st row.
Virtual Horse Racing