Canterbury Park Racecourse is situated in the Sydney suburb of Canterbury close to the Canterbury railway station. It is one of only two racetracks in Australia, the other being Moonee Valley, which has floodlights to allow racing at night.

Canterbury has one main grandstand which includes quality seating, dining and corporate facilities.

Key Characteristics

Canterbury Park racecourse is very much a specialist racecourse. Being only 1580 metres all the way round it is extremely tight, and horses are on the turn throughout. The tightness coupled with the extremely short run-in mean that unless you have a horse who races prominently you can forget it. Barrier position, together with being able to start quickly are also massively important, you obviously need a barrier position on the inside.

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Barrier analysis

1100 Metres
This barrier starts on the course proper with a run of about 400 metres to a large double bend. Inside barriers tend to have a significant advantage.

1200 Metres
Just 100 metres further than the 1100M start the same scenario applies with inside barriers being an advantage.

1280 Metres
Similar to 1200 metres inside barriers are an advantage

1550 Metres
The barrier for this start is located on a chute of the main course. But with a run of only 100 metres to a large sweeping turn being inside is a massive advantage. Because of the tightness the number of runners is kept low for the 1550 metre races.

1900 Metres
This barrier is located in a chute at the top of the home straight. With only a run of about 300 metres to the first sweeping double bend, inside barriers are a big advantage.

2600 Metres
This start is 50 metres in front of the 1100M start, therefore there is only 350 metres to the first bend. Its an advantage to be in an inside barrier, although this is negated a bit by the distance of the races.

2800 Metres
There is a long run of about 550 metres to the first bend, so barrier position is virtually irrelevant.