Doomben racecourse is very close to Eagle Farm racecourse, and like that venue is situated in Ascot which is a suburb 7km from Brisbane. Doomben racecourse was established in 1933, and in the early eighties underwent a major refurbishment. As a consequence it is now an excellent racecourse which is well worth a visit.

The Doomben Cup is held at Doomben racecourse and is now considered to be one of the best middle-distance racing events in the country. The course can be easily reached via the Doomben railway station.

Key Characteristics

Doomben is one of the tightest racecourses in Australia. With a circumference of only 1715 metres horses appear to be constantly on the turn and barrier positions are very important. The straight is only 350 metres long.

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Barrier analysis

1010 Metres
The turn comes up only 110 metres after the start and therefore it can't be stated enough what an advantage an inside barrier position is. Although a low drawn horse can lose the race at the start if it starts slowly, and therefore gets stuck behind a wall of horses.

1110 Metres
As per the 1010 metres there is only a short run to the bend (210 metres) therefore an inside barrier position is crucial.

1200 Metres
As per all distances at Doomben it is an advantage to have an inside barrier position over the distance.

1350 Metres
They start on a chute off the course for this distance, with 350 metres to the first turn barrier position maybe not as important as with other distances, but it is still an advantage to be on the inside.

1615 Metres
A sweeping turn starts after 50 metres therefore a low barrier position is very advantageous.

2020 Metres
This barrier starts on the course proper in the home straight. There is only a run of about 230 metres to the first sweeping double bend. Inside barriers are a big advantage.

2200 Metres
With a 400 metres run to the first bend inside barriers are only a slight advantage over this distance.